Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Free Will Astrology usually nails it. In my case, almost always.

And speaking of astrology, my little Gemini turns seven tomorrow. June 1. I can't believe it. Seven. Seven!

So happy birthday, baby! Happy birthday to my dumpling. My Noly Spicoli. My Vans-slip-ons-wearin', comic-book-readin', whistlin', bubble-gum-blowin', baseball-tossin'-and-catchin', swingset-jumpin', smilin', high-fivin', joke-crackin', story-writin', another-hug-givin', sharin', carin', bike ridin', eye-rollin', skateboardin', scooter-ridin', Beybladin', iPod-listenin', helpin'-mom-with-cookin'n'bakin', cherry pit-spittin' and all around scrumptious G-droppin' ham. I love you, buddy. Tons.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of being silly, that white chocolate and the Detroit Tigers really are okay, that the only thing better than a hug is another one, that bike rides to the ice-cream truck in the park are a seasonal requirement, that it's okay to load the top of your bureau with things like shark teeth, GI Joe's and tiny plastic ninjas, that being the littlest sometimes means being the toughest (and loudest), that meals are meant to be enjoyed slowly, that when all else fails grab your glove, go outside, toss a ball for a while and you'll feel better, that little kids can make big nothin'-but-net shots, that dogs are meant to be loved despite their filth, because they love us despite ours, that gardens are best planted with the help of an extra set of (little) hands, that if you don't make silly faces then your serious face is gonna freeze like that forever, that the American flag is a cool thing, that robots and ninjas are even cooler, that camo is awesome, that beaches are fun but cities are a blast, that penguins are The Best Animal Ever, that stickers are meant to be stuck on things, that it's important to give your siblings big-big-big hugs, and that everyone says things incorrectly sometimes. Isn't that right, Yosesame Sam?

I love you, dumpling. Forever and ever.


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Shona said...

Beautifully written, you're a lucky mom and he's a lucky boy! Hope he has an awesome 7th birthday! xo