Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I don't have a lot of nicknames, which is unusual considering our household is full of them. The kids and dogs have more nicknames than they know what to do with. Some, like Noly Spicoli and Seany, are likely to stay around for a long time. Ian is Steppy. And I'm, well, I'm "Mom". Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Hey, Mom.

As a kid I was called "Moy" or "Moys". I was also called Moiron by the neighborhood doofus. That was nice. But the only nickname that has ever really stuck, the only one that most people seem to use, ever, if they use one at all, is just a letter.


I don't know too many people with letter nicknames. My ex-husband was KC to a lot of people. An old boyfriend, a friend I miss dearly, was known as PJR. But for the most part, people go by their names (or at least their last names), or actual nicknames, like Big Jim or the German, to name two of our friends.

I'll take M. It's okay by me. It's a solid, decent letter that looks nice when monogrammed. And it's better than some of the other things I've been called in my life.

I feel an embroidery monogram session comin' on.


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