Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Classics

If today's New York Times is to be believed, Point Break is being re-made. Is nothing sacred?!?! After waxing philosophical--or whatever you wanna call it--yesterday about change, I can tell you this: I really dislike when movies are remade. How about a new idea, Hollywood? Because what's next? Jaws? Breakfast at Tiffany's? Casablanca? Or worst of all, Caddyshack? Leave my classics alone!

Speaking of philosophy and classics, I'm neck-deep in a book on the philosophy of education right now. It's required "pre-reading" for my teacher certifcation program. A paper on it is due the first night of class next month. I was so excited for the book. I tore it out of Amazon's packaging when it arrived on my doorstep earlier this week. Alas, the dense 10-point text immediately burned my eyeballs. But once I sat down with the beast, I got into it. After everyone was in bed last night--kids, dogs, and husband (who's nursing a nasty cold), I settled into the couch with the book and nothing but the mantle clock and backyard crickets to keep me company. Always the crickets.

An hour of reading about Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Augustine passed quickly. I was completely taken by the subject--even the introduction, for God's sake. I must be ready to go back to school. The new issue of Real Simple, also delivered to my mailbox this week, has sat untouched on the coffee table, while beside it new textbooks and Praxis II study guides are already marked up and dog-eared.

I expect the next eight months I'll be spending a lot of nights up late, alone and with a book to keep my lap warm. And no doubt I'll need to give my big eyes and little brain a rest with late-night TV once in a while, something I long ago got out of the habit of doing. Maybe I'll be lucky one night and catch Point Break before bed. The original. As if there could be anything else.


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