Friday, October 28, 2011


Alrighty then. Week(end) two of school on tap, and we've got a winter storm warning pending for parts of the state. For real? It's not even Halloween yet!

Tonight's trip up and back to the captial city shouldn't be too bad. Tomorrow's the commute that will likely have many of my classmates on edge. Some of them commute from as far away as Greenwich and Stonington. If the weather is as lousy as predicted for Saturday afternoon, those classmates' long rides home are going to be a whole lot longer. Most of them already have a plan to stay over in Hartford on Friday nights, since the commute home Friday at 9PM and back up to Hartford for Saturday's 8AM class is really unappealing, even unreasonable, if you're more than 45 minutes away. This weekend's storm exercise will likely have some of them planning an extra night in the city, just in case. It's something most of us have already planned for the winter, one way or the other. For now, I should be fine with Sparky, my "spark-silver" AWD Subaru. Love that car.

But before I get in the car and drive, I hope to once again squeeze in a fast walk with the dog. I can't just sit all day at work, then sit for the drive up to Hartford, then sit in class until 9PM, and then sit on the drive home afterward. I'm squirrely by nature. I need to expend some energy every day, otherwise I'm irritable and do not sleep well. (In fact, I cannot wait to teach so I can be on my feet all day. That will help me justify a couple of new pairs of Danskos when I land my first teaching job, too. Ha! Can I write them off? Hmmm...) I CANNOT STAND SITTING AT A DESK ALL DAY. Humans were not made for that kind of work. So I'll work it out with the dog. The daily two-mile trek with the pooch will be faster than usual tonight, just like last Friday. And then I'll have to dig through the garage to find the ice scraper for my car. Sigh.

Snow in October. Hilarious. I can't remember the last time this happened. The BFF and I went downtown for some Indian last night to celebrate her recent engagement (!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!), and on the ride home we were both squealing like little girls totally in awe of--and mystified by--the snow that was falling. We clearly have not grown much since we first became friends in sixth grade.

Her: "It's just sleet!"
Me: "No, that's snow!"
Her: "It CANNOT be snow. It's not even Halloween!"
Me: "Um, that's snow, girlfriend."
Her: "OH MY GOD!"

So now there is even more escapism to be had in planning a seaside mid-summer wedding. And even more walking to do, too. I need to rock the wedding party attire next July!


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