Sunday, January 1, 2017

1/365, 2017

Happy new year and all that jazz! 

I have no profound words of wisdom to share for 2017. I have no major declarations or predictions. I only know what I’m grateful for: my children, health, faith, work, love, and friendship--the latter of which is measured in quality, not quantity.

I also know what I’ve promised myself, and I’m definitely not sharing all of that here. Nope. That’s just for me. But one of those promises is to write something every single day, and some of that work will make it into this space. I thank you for reading whatever makes the cut, whatever it is that I am brave (or foolish) enough to share. 

2016 is history, kids. We made it.

1/365, 2017

I stop
and look
at the grey fingers of
naked, branches grasping
at January’s blue sky.
I notice
the bittersweet pop of red
and orange polka dots amidst
tangles of brown vines.
I hear the soft honk of
geese as they make their
way from here to there, always
I feel the steady, strong
beat of my own heart, happy
for another run,
another day,
another year,
another chance,
to see, to hear, to feel,
to get something right.

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