Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saveur (13/365)

It is a talent to savor
the juice of life as it
pours into our open
hands. We rush
moments without
tasting the warm
candy of lips that
seek ours. We fear
shocks that tingle
spines and set
throats ablaze
when two eyes
hold ours across
a crowded room.
But what’s to fear?
That fire heats this
big world. We must
master it to survive.
So be alive to the
warm hand at the
small of your back.
Trust the fingers
that trace your jaw.
Treasure the promise
of your whispered
name, but don’t cling
to it, baby. Remember
that the story you tell
yourself is the only
thing you can claim.
Rewrite it. Dare to
release your grip on
the hemline of
expectation, and tilt
your face to the
the warm kiss of
today. That is all we
are given, anyway.
It is more than
enough if we let
ourselves enjoy it.

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