Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Final Quarter

 Final Quarter

I have work to do.
English term papers
fan across the table
and wait for me to
question them in
unreadable green
cursive (never red).
I stall with little
chores here and there,
swapping crisp
dishtowels for
damp ones, and
throwing a tennis
ball to the dog  
across patchy grass.

I have work to do.
But first, I’ll toss in
a load of laundry
and hang up a few
shirts. I remember
when they were new,
before their cute
cuts and slinky
softness became
worn like the rest.

I have work to do.
I’ll get to it, as soon
as I figure out what
to do with that stack
of photos, blurry
snapshots of lake
parties, favorite pets,
and nameless faces
drinking and playing
cards. I pause at a
glossy 4” x 6” of
some unfamiliar
blonde smiling
at the person
behind the lens.
She was adored
in that moment,
captured forever.

I shove the photos
back into their corner
and straighten my back.

It’s time.
There is work to do.

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